Tools & Equipments

Welding Equipments

Grinder 4"

Pencil Grinder (Makita)

Makita Cut-Off Machine

GBL Bosch Blower 800

MILLER XMT 304 (Semi Automatic)

Bench Grinder (SKIL)

Welding Tools

Argon Gauge Flow Regulator

Flashback Arrestor

Flashback Arrestor

Carbide Pencil Grinder

Chipping Hammer
Unit: 45pcs.

Gas Cutting Tip / Harris #1

Unit: 29pcs

Female Adapter

Male Adapter for oxygen

Male and Female Adapter

Hose Connector

Oxy Acetylene Connector

Center Punch

Hose Ferule crimping Tool

Cutting Tip #3

Pipe Fitter Tools

Flaring Tools 3/16 to 5/8

Bearing Puller

Level Bar 24"

C-Clamp 6" & 12"

Pipe Cutter 2"

Filler Guage

Cushion Grip (Stanley)

Pipe fitting clamp [3 1/4-2"; 3 1/4 -4"; 2 1/4-6"]

Beveling Pipe Cutting Machine

Pressure Test Pump

Radial Cutting Machine

Door Closer

Plumbing Equipments

Electric Pipe threading Machine

Plumbing Tools

L-Square (Stanley 16"x24")

T- Square 24

Single Point Water Heater

Multi Point Water Heater

Pipe Wrench 10"

Pipe Cutter

Adjustable Wrench 12"

Sledge Hammer

Ball hammer (stanley)

Combination back and open

Alfra Romero Mini Magnetic drill Machine

Spud wrench

Torque Wrench

Rolling Ruler


Pipe Threader Manual

Carpentry Equipments

Circular Saw

Electric Wood Planer

Jig Saw

Carpentry Tools

Wrecking Bar

Half File

Claw Hammer

Lever Bar

Manual Planer Steel

Manual Planer Wood

Nail Pouch

Post Strap

Router Bosch

Scissor Metal

Tin Snip

Wood Chisel

Wooden Pulley

Wooden Saw

Combination Square


Masonry Equipments

Air Compressor


Concrete Cylinder Mould

Concrete Mixer

Concrete Vibrator

Hollow Block Machine

Pallet Track

Drill Machine Masonry

Masonry Tools

Cold Chisel (Flat)

Cold Chisel (Pointed)

Plum Bob

Pull & Push Wheel


Sledge Hammer

Wheel borrow

Slum Cone

Aluminum Level Bar

Painter Tools

Spray Gun (in ponte)

Scrapper (2", 6", 7", 10")

Paleta / Spatula

Painting Tray

Steel Fixer Tools

Spray Gun (in ponte)

Scrapper (2", 6", 7", 10")

Paleta / Spatula

Painting Tray

Gypsum Fixer Tools

Rechargeable Drill Machine with Charger

Electrical Tools

Diagonal cutting pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Utility Knife

Linesman Pliers

Automatic Wire Stripper

Crimping Tools

Screwdriver Rubicon

Allen Key

Clampo Meter

Multitester YX360 TRF (Analog)

Induction Motor 3Phase 4kW

Male Adapter

Circuit Breaker 150amps 3poles

Cable Glanding

Cable Cutter/p>

Light Crimping Tool DT-14

Johnson Heat Gun

Scaffolder Tools

Chain Sling

Vertical Lifting Clamp




Fixed Clamp

Combination Wrench

Scaffolding Wrench

Mechanical Tools

Verneer Caliper

Dial Indicator 2046s

Spring Divider