Quality & Safety Policy


The quality of our Training is of decisive significance for the competitiveness of our Training & Testing Center, as well as for that of our trainees, each employee bears a part of the responsibility for control and improvement of the quality of our training. Only a permanent striving for improvement ensures the success and continuance of the company.

The QM System of EWPCI Training & Testing Center Inc. Ensures that organizational, Commercial and technical activities are planned, managed and supervised to fulfill trainees and client’s requirements. Our Company recognizes that it is essential for the Company’s long- term success and prosperity that we maintain an excellent name for quality. Our top management ensures that this policy statement is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organization.


The trainees of EWPCI Training & Testing Center, Inc. are its greatest strength. It is the policy of EWPCI Training & Testing Center, Inc. that the safety & health of the personnel & trainees is the foremost consideration in the performance of their duties. Practice Safety Awareness all the time.