Welding Workshop

is equipped with high caliber welding machine design for the process of SMAW, GTAW, MIG, GMAW and FCAW. There are 32 booths for welding activities in the 2/F and 3/F with 16 machines at each floor. The workshops are spacious for Practical Training, Trade Test and Assessment.

Piping Facilities

...spacious area for piping activities like Practical Training, Assessment and Trade Test.

Plumbing Facilities

...enough space for Practical Training, Assessment and Trade Test. Separate storage for tools and consumable for plumbing activities only.

Civil Courses

...separate location for Carpentry, Masonry, Tile Setting , and Reinforced Steel Bar Installation (Steel Fixing). Equipped of different power tools and equipement for Practical Training, Trade test and Assessment.

Duct Installer

...spacious and conducive workshop area for Practical Training and Trade Test.

Lection Room

Workshop Area

Storage Area

An individual storage rooms for tools and consumables for Welding, Plumbing, Pipefitting, Electrical and Civil Courses.

Welding Storage Room

Plumbing Storage Room

Electrical Storage Room